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Case Study: Island Soul Yoga

Learn how we developed a site designed to appeal to the luxury market in the Hamptons.

May 2, 2017


Island Soul Yoga is a new yoga company operating on Long Island, NY. Samantha Coacci, the founder, received yoga certifications in Hawaii and Costa Rica and wanted to create an island-focused, relaxing brand image. She also wanted to reach the higher-end audience living in the Hamptons and Montauk, so she needed a luxury website that appealed to the private lesson market. She also wanted to make herself marketable to other wellness centers in the area.


We designed a multi-page website that enhanced her island-focused brand image through soft water colors, serif fonts and yogic quotes. The darker blues and professional photography give the site a professional, high-end look and feel that will appeal to a luxury audience. Her services are split into three sections based on audience (private lessons, group lessons and wellness centers) and strong calls-to-action appear on each of these pages. The testimonial page was also a key portion of the site as this is one of the most important sales tactics for a business of this type. She was also focused on building a robust Instagram presence, so to complete the funnel between Instagram and the website, we integrated her Instagram feed directly on the home page.

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