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Many companies sell not only direct-to-consumer, but also to other businesses. In many situations, the B2B side of the business grows to be larger than the B2C side and merits an e-commerce channel dedicated specifically to those customers. Selling to businesses many times requires different pricing, quantities, discounts and product lines than the public B2C channel. Sometimes these types of sites need to be locked down so specialized B2B information can only be accessed with an assigned username and password. Wholesale sites generally have a unique set of specialized needs when it comes to selling to other businesses online.

Types of Businesses:

Apparel Wholesale Websites

Product Wholesale Websites

Home Goods Wholesale Websites


Zandi K Products


Zandi K Products started after founder Faye Zandi discovered the need for specialized bikini care products in her salons. After the success of her B2C bikini skincare product line, she discovered that selling to other salons could be just as profitable - if not more - than selling B2C. We designed a separate B2B website for Zandi to specifically sell to other salons online.

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