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Our Process

Collaborating With You From Start to Finish

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Phase I

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Discovery Meeting

We kick off every website project with a deep dive into your business, brand and goals. We call this the Discovery Meeting. We believe that giving you the website of your dreams starts with getting to know you personally and understanding your customers. We’ll perform a full analysis of your target audiences, map your desired visitor user experience from site arrival to action performance, and fully assess your brand and style.


Brand Assessment

Pie Chart

Target Audience Analysis

Point A to Point B

User Experience Mapping & Sitemap Creation

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Phase II

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Website Design

We compile all the notes from the Discovery Meeting and move next into website design. In this phase, we’ll first determine the design direction including the fonts, colors, imagery and iconography for your site. After the design direction is approved by you, we move forward with custom designing each page of the website and prepping it for development.

Bar Graph Rising

Designs Built to Achieve Real Results

Paint Brush

Unique Layouts for Every Page

Art Design

Custom Graphics & Icons

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Phase III

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Desktop Development

Once all the page layouts are individually designed, they are passed from our graphic design team to our development team. Our developers then hand code each page layout from scratch. This ensures the code is clean, loads quickly and is 100% SEO-optimized. After the designs are coded, we sprinkle in exciting animations and other special touches to ensure your website is truly unique.

Computer Code

Coding Each Layout from Scratch

Play Button

Custom Animations

Google Icon

Fully SEO Optimized

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Phase IV

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Content Creation

After all the page layouts are designed and coded, we move forward with developing content for the entire website. We work very collaboratively with clients when it comes to content. With expert copywriters on staff, we can write copy for the entire site or work with you to edit existing content. We have experiencing writing and editing content across a variety of industries and business types, and will ensure your business sounds professional and appeals to your key target audiences.


Professional Copywriting


Editing of all existing text pulled from other marketing materials


Experience writing across a variety of business types

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Phase V

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Mobile Development & App Integration

After the desktop design is fully approved by you, we move forward with mobile development. All our websites are 100% responsive and coded at 4 different breakpoints: mobile portrait, mobile landscape, tablet and desktop. When we develop for mobile, we actually go through each page individually and optimize it for each breakpoint to ensure the content is displayed in the best possible manner for that screen size. If something doesn’t fit correctly, we’ll actually re-code that portion of the page specifically for that screen size. At the same time we develop for mobile, we integrate all third-party apps including email marketing software, Shopify apps, and social media.


Fully Responsive Design optimized at 4 breakpoints

Check list

Tested across a variety of phone and tablet sizes


Third-party app integrations


A new website is right around the corner.

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